Now if you want to flash Custom ROM or any flashable zip files then you must have a custom recovery installed on your phone. The reason why we use TWRP over other custom recoveries is the simplicity and the availability of the image file. Extracting the Boot.img file is time-consuming and requires some effort. Every smartphone brand has a unique firmware format, and the boot.img location on a firmware might also change. Many OEMs, like as Google and Motorola, enable users to extract boot.img files straight from their firmware.

But to make sure you take everything to your new device, you need a full backup. Your device might show a black screen during this process, so don’t worry and make yourself a coffee until the backup’s complete and your phone boots back. Now if you’re headed to flash a custom ROM, we will presume that you already have TWRP installed. If not, you can search our website for the device-specific tutorial. Google Photos enables you to backup Android photos and videos to the cloud.

This is a great way to create a backup of your device in case you ever need to factory reset your device or if you want to move your data to a new device. In the case when your device does not have ramdisk in boot images, Magisk has no choice but to hijack the recovery partition. For these devices, you will have to reboot to recovery every time you want Magisk enabled. In order to flash the boot image on Nothing Phone 1, you can use the Fastboot commands or install it via TWRP Recovery. Here we share a direct link to download Nothing Phone 1 stock ROM and Boot Image. You also extract the boot image directly from the respective full ROM package.

stock rom backup twrp

TWRP is a powerful tool that gives you full control over the insides of your phone without needing to boot into Android. Again, once you have selected the partitions to wipe, swipe the slider to confirm. Recovery is small piece of software that runs in the recovery partition on your device. Roshan Singh is the Founder & Owner of Ur Tech Partner. A young self-trained part time blogger and computer expert. Checkout How to Make Fake WhatsApp Conversation and See who visited your Whatsapp profile today. Because Android OS are open source, those with in-depth knowledge of the languages can modify the OS and customize it to their preferences to make it more all mobile firmwares attractive.

  • In simple words, this is where you begin your journey to hack your phone.
  • Almost every phone manufacturers provide their own backup software or apps.
  • It has the most extensive developer team under its name and officially supports over 190 devices.
  • Navigate to your desktop where you have saved the Stock ROM, and double-click on it to select for flashing.

We will use our Google Account; you can sync all your App data, Contacts, Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Google Fit data with your Google account. In this method, we’ll go through easy steps on how to take Nandroid backup directly to PC. But the true power of the device can only be enjoyed once the user is in full control of the device, not the manufacturer. Once user gets full access, he can play with the entire power of the device but this may damage the device. So we need to make sure to take a backup of the device in case we run into situations where we cannot boot the device or some other issues. There are some benefits to running stock Android itself, however, that are well worth exploring. That will take you to a stock, unrooted ROM, with stock recovery as well.

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