Aerobics Classes


  • 9.45am – Aerobic & Floor, Inter / Adv
  • 10.00am – Aqua Aerobic
  • 6.00pm – Spinning
  • 7.00pm – Total Tone
  • 7.00pm – Aqua Aerobic
  • 8.00pm – Cross-fit Step


  • 9.30am Step & Floor, General level (knowledge of basic step required)
  • 6.00pm – Kettlebell
  • 7.00pm – HIIT (High Intensity Interval training)
  • 8.40pm Adult Fitness Lane Swimming


  • 9.45am – Tight & Tone, Advanced
  • 10.00am – Aqua Tone Water Aerobics
  • 6.00pm – Kettlebells / Toning – 30/30
  • 7.00pm – Cross-fit Step & Floor (Ladies Only suitable for all fitness levels)


  • 11.15am – Line Dancing
  • 6.00pm – Cardio Spin & Tone
  • 7.00pm – Spinning
  • 8.40pm – Adult Fitness Lane Swimming


  • 6.45am – Tabata Spinning
  • 9.00am – Aqua Aerobic
  • 9.45am – 20/20/20 (20 Step, 20 Floor, 20 toning)
  • 6.00pm – Kettlebell
  • 7.30pm – Cycle Cross (mixed class suitable for all levels)


  • 9.30am – Cycle Cross (mixed class suitable for all levels)


Members €2.00 per night
Non Members €7.50 per class / €8.00 inc Swim, Gym & Sauna
Books of Aerobics Tickets €32 for 5 classes allowing you
to pre-book classes.

Class Descriptions

All Aerobic classes are given by very experienced qualified instructors

Kettlebells: Want to get the ultimate all around fitness routine? Kettlebells are traditional Russian cast iron weights that provide maximum strength and flexibility while challenging your center of gravity. This class will be a fun yet challenging all -around fitness workout will get you lean in no time!

30/30: 30 Minutes Kettlebells/ 30 Minutes Toning

Spinning: anaerobic and interval workout on a specialized stationary bike, that is designed for all levels of fitness. This bike provides varying levels of resistance to simulate hill rides and sprinting. Spinning is a great way to get your heart rate up. Be sure to bring a towel and water bottle to each class

Tabata Spinning: Interval Spinning is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through alternating between very intense anaerobic periods and slower recovery periods, 30 seconds on 10 seconds off. Each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Cycle Cross: High energy fitness class including Kettlebells, Body Bars, boxing pads, Spinning bikes & Pilates movements Suitable for all abilities

Cross Fit Step Aerobics: An energetic workout involving step routines designed to give you a terrific workout including Ultra Body tone, stretching & Pilates functional movements that are constantly varied to deliver the biggest benefit

Aerobics & Floor Workout: High energy class increasing aerobic fitness and co-ordination, with muscular strength and endurance work at the end of class.

20/20/20: Mix it up a bit with this great combination 20 minutes aerobic workout/ 20 minutes step/ 20 minutes abs & total body toning
This class offers you the best in weight loss and toning techniques providing great variety and a challenge that will bring you closer to your goals

Circuits: Designed to add variety & fun through sculpting, toning, conditioning & strength training. This class involves a group of stations designed to increase muscular strength and endurance, aerobic fitness and co-ordination.

Aqua Tone:This invigorating class held in the pool improves cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe, effective, fun and “no sweat” workout. It also allows a break from “impact” on the body so you are getting a great workout without pounding your joints, ligaments and tendons. Low impact class incorporating Pilates movements.

Ultimate Fitness Mixed: Using innovative products like steps, rebounders, body bars & dyno bands mixed with skipping, boxing, jogging & martial arts to reduce body fat & increase fitness levels. This class will re-motivate anyone bored with nonstop step choreography or repetitive gym sessions & weight machines.A high energy class designed to increase stamina and boost those fitness levels. Sweat like you’ve never sweat before. This is a great motivational work out for those who think they are fit.

Stretch/ Flex/ Sculpt:
 Dedicated to reshaping and toning the entire body using hand weights, body bars and resistance equipment to maximize results.
This class combines the elements of stretching and increasing the flexibility of your body while improving posture for a leaner and a stronger body

Stability Ball: Concentrates on core stabilisation, focuses on posture, flexibility and strength of the body while using a stability ball

Rebounding: Low impact fat burning exercise that improves balance and coordination using a mini trampoline and is fun and energising.

Abs Class: It’s all about “Tummies” working and strengthening the core pelvic floor region